Sundays 10am service online and in person!
Thursdays 10 am online Devotions under our "Outreach & Member Care" tab
(also on Facebook)


June 11th- Turn in anything going in the Talent Bazaar in Calvin Hall

June 12th - Trinity Sunday (W)
                   Talent bazaar after service. (M)

June 13th - Prayer Time 1-1:30PM (W)

June 15th - Wednesday Word Lesson # 24 "On the Ropes" (CE)
                   Session Meeting 2PM

June 16th - Thursday Devotions 10AM Facebook Live (CE)

June 19th - Second Sunday After Pentecost/ Father's Day (W)

June 20th - Prayer Time 1-1:30PM (W)

June 21st - Storytime 10AM (CE)

June 22nd - Wednesday Word Lesson # 25 "On The Money" (CE)

June 23rd - Thursday Devotions 10AM Facebook Live (CE)

June 26th - Third Sunday after Pentecost (W)
                   School Supplies Collection Starts (M)

June 27th - Prayer Time 1-1:30PM (W)

June 28th - Storytime 10AM (CE)

June 29th - Wednesday Word Lesson # 26 "Gospel Truth" (CE)

June 30th - Thursday Devotions 10AM Facebook Live (CE)


Committee(s) Responsible:
CE -   Christian Education        
GF-    Grounds & Facilities
MC-    Member Care
M-      Missions  
PA-    Planning & Administration
W-      Worship
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